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Re: Blue Front Talker

Posted by Dave on 5/07/07
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    On 5/07/07, Sam wrote:
    > I was just wondering if it's common for a Blue Front to
    > talk the way mine does. She is only 1 year old but she
    > can mimic characters from movies. She is up to 10-12
    > words and she says the lines with the exact same tone and
    > voice fluctuation as the real actor. She has the words
    > down perfectly, and she even laughs the same.

    The word that shouldn't be used here is *common*. Many
    species of parrots that are known for talking don't. Others
    will talk alot. Others will talk but just a little. Some
    have the ability to say things but only do so because it
    seems natural. Others won't. Some birds are masters of
    imitating sounds but don't talk. Others are masters of talk
    but not sounds. What's going on with your parrot is an
    individual thing. Some will talk but it won't sound
    identical. Others, like yours will. It really has nothing to
    do with a species unless the species is not known for
    talking at all but does. Feel happy that your bird has
    decided to do what he's doing-------Dave