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Re: Orange WIng Amazons

Posted by Birdymama33 on 5/29/07
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    I know people say that, and I guess it's different for
    everyone, because I have hand fed many of my birds, and then
    some not......I may say their tameness is equal, but their
    cuddliness is much more deeper with the ones I hand-reared. I
    do believe they start to form a bond right away, I see it in
    their eyes, the way they look at me,they watch me when I come
    into the room, and of course they get spoiled at this time,
    etc. However I spend MUCH MUCH more time with them then just
    feeding. I snuggle with them for a good hour or so immediately
    after feeding, and then again times in between, etc. Actually
    what I was looking for was just any info about the OW's, but I
    have been reading up on several sites, thanks for your input

    On 5/26/07, Adrian wrote:
    > On 5/19/07, BirdyMama33 wrote:
    >> Hi, I am going ot be bringing home a baby Orange WIng in a
    >> few weeks, and I will be handfeeding him. I am so excited.
    >> I have a Yellow Nape Amazon, and i have read up some, but
    > I
    >> am looking for personal responses or experiences anyone
    > has
    >> had with them. If anyone can give me info, I'd appreciate
    >> it:)
    >> Thanks
    > i dont know if this is what you are looking for but bringing
    > home unweaned babies is NOT recomended. it is an untrue mith
    > about babies bonding with you because you personaly hand
    > feed them.