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Re: Handicapped Amazon~need advice

Posted by Pamela on 5/28/07
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    We have a Double Yellow Head who is also handicap. He is
    getting a cararact in one eye, has a nail missing on one
    foot, and what the vet believes is arthritis is both feet.
    He can not even raise either foot high enough to scratch his
    chin. We rescued him 4 years ago from a pet store. Our vet
    then guessed him at 45+. We have several different sizes
    perches in his cage all very close to each other so him can
    step to each one easily. He can only move is feet about
    1/2" or less forward at a time. He uses his beak and wings
    for balance and climbs all over the cage inside and out this
    way. The only time he has fell is when he is sitting on top
    of his cage, hangs on for dear life and flaps his wings like
    crazy. Look like he is trying to pick his cage up. Once in
    awhile he gets to much flipping going and can't hold on.
    He is the sweetest Double Yellow male I have even seen. In
    4 years he has never bitten and his favorite pass time is
    sitting on my chest (he's afraid to sit on shoulder)chewing
    holes in my shirt and getting mass quanities of scratches.
    Our vet promised he is in no pain at this point and the
    minute he is if it can't be treated I will not let him
    suffer. For now we are trying to give him the best loving
    he can and we have been rewarded 10 fold.