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Post: question about behavior

Posted by adrian on 5/27/07

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    I have a female double yellow headed amazon and she is not
    very noisy at all. Ginger is usually quiet unless she can
    hear us in another room and she is all alone. at this
    point she has a very loud annoying shill call. but all i
    have to do to remedy this is bring her into the room where
    the action is and she is fairly quiet. she occasioaly
    speaks to add to the conversation but this is more than
    welcomed and even intertaining. Even if there is more
    action in another room as long as i am in the room with
    her she stays fairly quiet. of course this does have some
    downfalls. sometimes i would like to see her act a little
    more roudy and be more talkative. it takes some coaxing to
    get her to talk for company but all in all this is a more
    than fair trade off in my opinion.I am inclined to believe
    i have an unusually good bird. Although, i thought i might
    ask, does anyone else have such a well behaved parrot?

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