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Re: question about behavior

Posted by Pamela on 5/28/07
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    We have 3 Amazons, a female DYH who is 13, a male DYH who is
    45+, and a male Yellow Nape who is 19.
    All three are fairly quiet most of the time. The two DYH's
    do get in yelling contests once a day to see who can out
    talk/yell who. Of course the female wins 95% of the time.
    The nape is very quiet about 99% of the time. He only get
    vocal if his daddy leaves him alone and walks into another
    room. The nape is very bonded to my husband, they are
    joined at the hip. The 2 DYH's are not mates and can't
    stand each other but love to talk back and forth to each
    other. The only time they really get loud is during their
    yelling contest which is always funny to hear.
    None of our Amazons seems to have read the books which tell
    you how an Amazon acts. They all are complete opposite of
    what the books say.
    Enjoy yours, she is getting loud because she wants to be
    with her flock (you).