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Re: What kind of 'zone am I??/Dave

Posted by ctherose on 7/20/07
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    On 7/19/07, Dave wrote:
    > On 7/19/07, Doug wrote:
    >> He (unsure) is an import, blue forehead, kinda
    >> grey/purple/lavender back of head and some neck. Not a dull
    >> green like the mealy, absolutely no yellow and has what I
    >> think of wings (when open) like a yellow nape/yellow
    > crown.
    >> Any ideas???
    > Orange Wing Zon
    Dave: Que? "absolutely no yellow"? Then what is Chuckles
    (MY Orange Winged)? I know next to nothing compared to the
    experienced people who (sometiems) post here, but my
    understanding is that yellow on the head is one of the
    distinctives distinguishing an Orange Wing from a Blue Front.
    Craig, Momma and Chuckles Rose