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Re: What kind of 'zone am I??/Dave

Posted by Debbie on 8/04/07
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    7/20/07, Tammy wrote:
    > On 7/20/07, ctherose wrote:
    >> On 7/19/07, Dave wrote:
    >>> On 7/19/07, Doug wrote:
    >>>> He (unsure) is an import, blue forehead, kinda
    >>>> grey/purple/lavender back of head and some neck. Not a dull
    >>>> green like the mealy, absolutely no yellow and has what I
    >>>> think of wings (when open) like a yellow nape/yellow
    >>> crown.
    >>>> Any ideas???
    >>> Orange Wing Zon
    >> Dave: Que? "absolutely no yellow"? Then what is Chuckles
    >> (MY Orange Winged)? I know next to nothing compared to the
    >> experienced people who (sometiems) post here, but my
    >> understanding is that yellow on the head is one of the
    >> distinctives distinguishing an Orange Wing from a Blue Front.
    >> Resepectfully,
    >> Craig, Momma and Chuckles Rose


    I was reading along and thought I might help. The differance
    between a yellow wing and a Blue front amazon is ... A yellow wing
    has a horn colored beak and the Blue front has a black beak.
    Therwise they look like twins. The Blue Front however is the
    better talker.

    What you discribe is a lilac crown. They have no yellow and
    usually have a red stripe above thier beaks. The top is lilac.