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Re: Dogs and Parrots

Posted by Ellen on 8/10/07
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    On 8/10/07, Chase wrote:
    > I'm new to the board. I have a new parrot so my dog now
    > stays outside (no chances on Snappy becoming a snack).
    > Now my dog chews cable around the house and has even
    > pulled out a few small trees. Is there a product that
    > won't hurt the dog that will make him stop chewing . . .
    > or do I need to bring him back in the house and train him
    > not to bother the parrot?

    To demote your dog and banish him to the back yard because
    you bought a parrot is shameful.
    Dogs and parrots can live harmoniously together with training
    and supervision. If your dog had manners to begin with he
    will learn quickly. If he didn't that says much about the
    way you trained him.
    What will happen when your parrot possibly becomes aggressive
    or nasty towards you? I have a feeling this bird will not be
    in your company too long based upon what you did with your
    I feel very sorry for your dog. If you can't train him to
    live indoors with the parrot, have the decency to find him a
    new home where he will be cherished and loved.