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Re: Dogs and Parrots

Posted by Paula on 8/10/07
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    Don't you think you are being judgmental? Narcissistic
    personality perhaps? I think having a dog outdoors is fine so
    long as the animal gets a satisfactory amount of attention.
    Dogs and birds are NOT a good match -- alls it takes is one
    (1) time for a disaster. A dogs behavior is basically
    instinctive is it not?

    On 8/10/07, Ellen wrote:
    > On 8/10/07, Chase wrote:
    >> I'm new to the board. I have a new parrot so my dog now
    >> stays outside (no chances on Snappy becoming a snack).
    >> Now my dog chews cable around the house and has even
    >> pulled out a few small trees. Is there a product that
    >> won't hurt the dog that will make him stop chewing . . .
    >> or do I need to bring him back in the house and train him
    >> not to bother the parrot?
    > To demote your dog and banish him to the back yard because
    > you bought a parrot is shameful.
    > Dogs and parrots can live harmoniously together with
    > and supervision. If your dog had manners to begin with he
    > will learn quickly. If he didn't that says much about the
    > way you trained him.
    > What will happen when your parrot possibly becomes
    > or nasty towards you? I have a feeling this bird will not
    > in your company too long based upon what you did with your
    > dog.
    > I feel very sorry for your dog. If you can't train him to
    > live indoors with the parrot, have the decency to find him a
    > new home where he will be cherished and loved.