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Re: Dogs and Parrots

Posted by Aunt Bea on 8/10/07
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    On 8/10/07, Chase wrote:
    > On 8/10/07, Ellen wrote:
    >> On 8/10/07, Paula wrote:
    >>> Don't you think you are being judgmental? Narcissistic
    >>> personality perhaps? I think having a dog outdoors is fine so
    >>> long as the animal gets a satisfactory amount of attention.
    >>> Dogs and birds are NOT a good match -- alls it takes is one
    >>> (1) time for a disaster. A dogs behavior is basically
    >>> instinctive is it not?
    >> Absolutely. Judging is what one does when one comes to a public
    >> for mum and puts one business out for the world to see.
    >> You think having a dog outdoors is fine, I do not. Dogs are
    > pack
    >> animals and thrive on companionship from humans. I have yet to
    >> see ANY dog get, what you so matter of factly, refer to as
    >> satisfactory attention. There are working breeds of dogs that
    >> fair better outdoors if they in fact are working. Others do
    > best
    >> indoors with their human pack.
    >> I live with four, well-behaved dogs that respect my birds and
    >> even interact with them on a limited basis. I am not so foolish
    >> to think that nothing could go wrong, but to imply that you will
    >> have a disaster if a dog lives amongst companion parrots is
    >> ludicrous.
    >> All behavior is instinctive. Humans and animals all have
    >> instinctive behaviors so can't see what the point you're trying
    >> to make. If you're implying that killing or maiming is foremost
    >> in their minds, you really need to brush up on canine behavior.
    >> As far as being narcissistic, where did that come from? Do you
    >> even comprehend the meaning of the word? How could you get that
    >> I'm in love with myself. Please don't confuse judgment with self-
    >> love.
    >> You are just as entitled to your opinion as am I.
    > Unfortunately,
    >> you speak without thinking. Have a great evening Paula.
    > Can somebody answer my question?

    Do I understand this right? You are asking members of a bird board
    about your dogs behavior? Wrong website dear.