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Re: Dogs and Parrots

Posted by Dave on 8/10/07
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    On 8/10/07, Chase wrote:
    > I'm new to the board. I have a new parrot so my dog now
    > stays outside (no chances on Snappy becoming a snack).
    > Now my dog chews cable around the house and has even
    > pulled out a few small trees. Is there a product that
    > won't hurt the dog that will make him stop chewing . . .
    > or do I need to bring him back in the house and train him
    > not to bother the parrot?

    I doubt that there's any product that'll stop your dog from
    chewing up trees and cables. Anything you put out there will
    eventually get washed away. It's probably best to let your
    dog get used to the bird in the house and visa versa. Be
    there when they're in the same area. Do it often. Make it a
    habit if you're going to be keeping your bird out of the
    cage all day. It's just a matter of time before the *thrill*
    of a new animal somewhat subsides although not totally.
    Eventually and probably your dog won't think to much about
    your bird once it sees that it's another part of the family
    but you still need to be alert. Many people here have birds
    and dogs and cats and ferrets and hamsters and snakes etc
    etc. It's good that you're worried about your bird though.--