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Re: Dogs and Parrots

Posted by Rick on 8/10/07
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    On 8/10/07, Chase wrote:
    > I'm new to the board. I have a new parrot so my dog now
    > stays outside (no chances on Snappy becoming a snack).
    > Now my dog chews cable around the house and has even
    > pulled out a few small trees. Is there a product that
    > won't hurt the dog that will make him stop chewing . . .
    > or do I need to bring him back in the house and train him
    > not to bother the parrot?

    As we have 3 B&G Macaws, an M2, 2 GC Conures, 3 Miniature
    Pinschers and a Standard Poodle, all living in Harmony
    together in our home after supervised introductions.

    Your dog is now acting out against you because he/ she feels
    it is being punished for doing something they have no clue
    over and are acting out in this manner. Please, think how
    you would feel if all of a sudden you had to stay outside
    without no reasoning or just cause.

    My suggestion to you is to have supervised introductory time
    with your Grey and your dog. Let them be introduced at a
    distance at first and don't show more attention to either as
    this could cause more jealousy, especially with your dog.
    Sit with them together and talk to both of them so they can
    become comfortable with each other in the house, include
    your dog with your bird time and vice-versa, with very close
    supervision of course.

    Only you know your dog and its behaviour. My suggestion,
    before the dog becomes more destructive and creates bad
    habits to the extent that you will need to rehome the dog,
    because of the bird, is to start the introduction process
    and if that doesn't work make sure the bird is caged and the
    dog is confined so as not to make contact while no one is
    home. This is the best advice I can give. I'm sure others
    will offer more.