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Re: Dogs and Parrots

Posted by Rick on 8/11/07
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    On 8/11/07, To Chase wrote:
    > On 8/11/07, Betty wrote:
    >> On 8/10/07, Chase wrote:
    >>> On 8/10/07, Ellen wrote:
    >>>> On 8/10/07, Paula wrote:
    >>>>> Don't you think you are being judgmental? Narcissistic
    >>>>> personality perhaps? I think having a dog outdoors is fine so
    >>>>> long as the animal gets a satisfactory amount of attention.
    >>>>> Dogs and birds are NOT a good match -- alls it takes is one
    >>>>> (1) time for a disaster. A dogs behavior is basically
    >>>>> instinctive is it not?
    >>>> Absolutely. Judging is what one does when one comes to a public
    >>>> for mum and puts one business out for the world to see.
    >>>> You think having a dog outdoors is fine, I do not. Dogs are
    >>> pack
    >>>> animals and thrive on companionship from humans. I have yet to
    >>>> see ANY dog get, what you so matter of factly, refer to as
    >>>> satisfactory attention. There are working breeds of dogs that
    >>>> fair better outdoors if they in fact are working. Others do
    >>> best
    >>>> indoors with their human pack.
    >>>> I live with four, well-behaved dogs that respect my birds and
    >>>> even interact with them on a limited basis. I am not so foolish
    >>>> to think that nothing could go wrong, but to imply that you will
    >>>> have a disaster if a dog lives amongst companion parrots is
    >>>> ludicrous.
    >>>> All behavior is instinctive. Humans and animals all have
    >>>> instinctive behaviors so can't see what the point you're trying
    >>>> to make. If you're implying that killing or maiming is foremost
    >>>> in their minds, you really need to brush up on canine behavior.
    >>>> As far as being narcissistic, where did that come from? Do you
    >>>> even comprehend the meaning of the word? How could you get that
    >>>> I'm in love with myself. Please don't confuse judgment with self-
    >>>> love.
    >>>> You are just as entitled to your opinion as am I.
    >>> Unfortunately,
    >>>> you speak without thinking. Have a great evening Paula.
    >>> Can somebody answer my question?
    >> Seriously Chase, if you're that dumb you shouldn't have either as
    >> pets.
    >> Who knows your dog better than you?
    > Chase you were wrong by putting your dog outside. ESPECIALLY if it
    > were an inside dog to begin with. I have always had my dogs in the
    > same house and room with my birds. I don't let them out together, but
    > the birds are ok in the cages while the dogs are around. I have had
    > only labrador retrievers.....bird dogs.....and they all live in
    > harmony. It takes patience. Don't punish your dog for something YOU
    > did by bringing a bird home. I think you need human training.

    As you have came here asking a question and basically got slammed,
    instead of people trying to help you, please sift through the answers
    that were given you and use this info to your advantage. If it were
    constructive criticism you rec'd, I would say accept it, but this type
    of criticism serves no purpose.
    We all make mistakes and have bad judgement sometimes in our lives, but
    at least you came here seeking answers. I commend you for that.
    With time and patience your bird and dog will live together in harmony
    too. Good luck.