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Re: Blue front amazon needed for breeding (Female)

Posted by Tammy on 8/22/07
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    I would not sell them seperately, that to me is mean, they are
    bonded and should be kept together!!!!! Also as a proven pair
    together they raise babies, some one else may have no luck at
    all if they try to place either of them with another bird.
    They may not want to bond again, why should they, I would think
    they would wonder what happened to thier mate and wonder if it
    will happen again!


    On 8/22/07, Kathy Evans wrote:
    > On 8/19/07, Jackie Grimes wrote:
    >> Need a bluefront amazon (female) Please contact me if you
    >> have one to sell jackie
    > Hi Jackie:
    > I am trying to sell my pair of Blue Front Amazons, they are
    > the amazons with alot of yellow on the wings. But well sell
    > the female to the right person. She is a good hen, well
    > incubate and raise the young.Usually raises 3 young a year.I
    > am moving and need to sell them, I will have no where to put
    > them. I rescued the hen, she had a broken wing that we had
    > to end up amputating. The first third on her wing had to be
    > amputated. Its like she has been pinioned. She gets around
    > good. I am feeding them a pelleted diet (pretty bird)
    > supplimented with fruits and veggies. I will sell her for
    > 600.00 I was selling the pair for 1000.00. You will get
    > your money back the first set of babies. I was selling them
    > for 650.00 apiece