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Re: Blue front amazon needed for breeding (Female)

Posted by Rick on 8/22/07
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    On 8/22/07, Kathy Evans wrote:
    > On 8/19/07, Jackie Grimes wrote:
    >> Need a bluefront amazon (female) Please contact me if you
    >> have one to sell jackie
    > Hi Jackie:
    > I am trying to sell my pair of Blue Front Amazons, they are
    > the amazons with alot of yellow on the wings. But well sell
    > the female to the right person. She is a good hen, well
    > incubate and raise the young.Usually raises 3 young a year.I
    > am moving and need to sell them, I will have no where to put
    > them. I rescued the hen, she had a broken wing that we had
    > to end up amputating. The first third on her wing had to be
    > amputated. Its like she has been pinioned. She gets around
    > good. I am feeding them a pelleted diet (pretty bird)
    > supplimented with fruits and veggies. I will sell her for
    > 600.00 I was selling the pair for 1000.00. You will get
    > your money back the first set of babies. I was selling them
    > for 650.00 apiece

    As I have contacted Jackie about the female I have with no
    response, I too may be interested in your Male BFA. I could
    not find a male therefore I was going to sell my female also.

    Where are you located, and could you send pics to my email
    address at Thanks in advance.