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Re: Mealy Amazon

Posted by Angela on 12/12/07
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    Hi, I don't post here very often anymore, but I can attest to
    the fact that male Mealys are just as sweet and loving as
    females. Mine is almost five years old, and I have had him
    since he was eight months old and have never experienced any
    of the issues that many people speak of when it comes to

    However, I do not know of many people that breed them either.
    My amazon came from a couple who purchased him and soon
    learned that they did not have time for him with their very
    busy schedule and two little boys. I am not sure of the
    breeders name, but I do know that she was in Iowa. His leg
    band also boasts Iowa as his origin. Maybe you could speak to
    different breeders in the state and see if they know who she

    On 8/22/07, Looking for the Right New Baby wrote:
    > Greetings to the board,
    > Currently, I own a TAG and my family members have 2
    > Meyers Parrot. I've have been looking to add only one more
    > member to my flock (only the TAG is mine) and I've thought
    > about a Congo for some time. However, I've talked with
    > several people and the Mealy Amazon is defintely who I am
    > most interested in. I CANNOT find any breeders close to
    > me. I'm willing to drive about anywhere in Ohio, Pa and
    > NY.
    > Also, many people say if you want a great pet and not too
    > many issues to go with a female vs. male amazon. I've
    > heard that the boys are harder to control and you need some
    > good solid structure as a baby before they hit maturity.
    > Well, isn't this true for all the birds? Or are male
    > amazons typically worse? Wouldn't it be a crap shoot as to
    > some males are actually worse while others not so bad? And
    > couldn't I be the lucky on to have a horomonal girl? Also,
    > they've said that DYH you don't want a male but with
    > Mealy's a boy or girl is fine b/c they are so good natured.
    > Is this true?
    > THANMK YOU in advance and if anyone knows of a Mealy
    > breeder let me know, I'm willing to wait til next year if
    > the parents are active now - I am in no hurry to find my
    > perfect baby.