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Post: Mealy Amazon

Posted by Looking for the Right New Baby on 8/22/07

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    Greetings to the board,
    Currently, I own a TAG and my family members have 2
    Meyers Parrot. I've have been looking to add only one more
    member to my flock (only the TAG is mine) and I've thought
    about a Congo for some time. However, I've talked with
    several people and the Mealy Amazon is defintely who I am
    most interested in. I CANNOT find any breeders close to
    me. I'm willing to drive about anywhere in Ohio, Pa and

    Also, many people say if you want a great pet and not too
    many issues to go with a female vs. male amazon. I've
    heard that the boys are harder to control and you need some
    good solid structure as a baby before they hit maturity.
    Well, isn't this true for all the birds? Or are male
    amazons typically worse? Wouldn't it be a crap shoot as to
    some males are actually worse while others not so bad? And
    couldn't I be the lucky on to have a horomonal girl? Also,
    they've said that DYH you don't want a male but with
    Mealy's a boy or girl is fine b/c they are so good natured.

    Is this true?

    THANMK YOU in advance and if anyone knows of a Mealy
    breeder let me know, I'm willing to wait til next year if
    the parents are active now - I am in no hurry to find my
    perfect baby.

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