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Post: Is Bamboo Acceptable?

Posted by ctherose on 8/27/07

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    Have a question for all you whiz-bangs out there in
    Amazonia. Chuckles, our Orange-Wing Amazon, loves to chew
    on things that make noise -- e.g. metal wind chimes. We
    feel the metal probably isn't good for her, so we have hit
    on the idea of building a couple of wind chimes out of a
    stick or two of bamboo (Lowes, $1.97). This should make a
    satisfying (to her and us) clacking sound, as well as give
    her something inexpensive to chew on.
    Now, for the question: Is bamboo poisonous to birds? I
    know Pandas eat it, but what about birds?
    Craig, Momma and Chuckles Rose

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