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Re: Is Bamboo Acceptable?

Posted by Always Helpful on 8/27/07
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    On 8/27/07, ctherose wrote:
    > Have a question for all you whiz-bangs out there in
    > Amazonia. Chuckles, our Orange-Wing Amazon, loves to chew
    > on things that make noise -- e.g. metal wind chimes. We
    > feel the metal probably isn't good for her, so we have hit
    > on the idea of building a couple of wind chimes out of a
    > stick or two of bamboo (Lowes, $1.97). This should make a
    > satisfying (to her and us) clacking sound, as well as give
    > her something inexpensive to chew on.
    > Now, for the question: Is bamboo poisonous to birds? I
    > know Pandas eat it, but what about birds?
    > Thanks,
    > Craig, Momma and Chuckles Rose

    Craig, bamboo is a perfect wood/grass used to make bird toys.
    The only thing you would need to be concerned with is whether
    or not the bamboo that you are purchasing has been treated
    with any chemicals or applied finishes. The "dark green"
    bamboo that they sell there has been dyed/painted so I would
    avoid that.
    If you can, sometimes you can find people selling or giving
    away bamboo locally wherever you live. It a prolific and
    invasive plant and folks are happy to get rid of it.
    Hope Chuckles likes his new toy.