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Re: Is Bamboo Acceptable?/Always Helpful

Posted by ctherose on 8/27/07
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    AH: Thanks for the input. I was pretty sure it was safe
    (dyes and chemicals excepted) but I'm one of those who likes
    to have "affirmation" (chuckle).
    The only extraneous material that is apparent is the price
    sticker -- which won't come off cleanly, but is at the end
    where I can cut it off. This is a natural color cane, about
    3/4 inch in diameter. No sign of varnish or other such
    coating. It's meant to be a large (about three or four feet
    long) garden stake, I guess. We'll see how it works out.
    Again, thanks.
    Craig, Momma sand Chuckles Rose