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Re: Male or Female Panama Amazon - which is better??

Posted by karen on 8/30/07
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    On 8/29/07, BirdBrainz wrote:
    > I was hoping to get some really good advise on whether a
    > male or female Panama Amazon would be best for our
    > family.
    > We would be first-time bird owners with alot of animal
    > experience, just not in the bird dept. We have triplet 7
    > year old children, a dog and cat in our home, plus all the
    > farm/pet animals in the barn.
    > I have put a deposit on a Panama, but have not yet decided
    > upon the sex. I have read alot about the problems with
    > the Amazon males at sexual maturity, but not much is
    > mentioned about the females. I would appreciate any and
    > all imput.

    What Amazon is better?
    Depends on what you want.
    The male may be more “Amazon” like.
    More displays, pinning, aggression.
    To me this is the glory of owning an Amazon
    They can be such a handful!!
    With a boy you may have seasonal aggression but no eggs.
    A female Amazon can be as aggressive but not as likely.
    Each bird is so different!
    I have seen aggressive females & sweet males.
    If you are looking for a cuddly bird a female is a better
    If you are looking for a showy confident bird choose a male.
    -Remember as the Amazon (any creature) gets older you want
    it to become more confident and less dependent on you. They
    will develop per their own personality combined with your
    training. My male OWA takes his seasonal aggression out on
    toys. He is a good boy and "flashy"