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Post: An oldish Amazon in a bad way (relatively long)

Posted by Emily on 8/31/07

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    Dear Amazon lovers,

    I am hoping that you can help me find a way to bring
    happiness to my dad's violet crested amazon. First, here is
    some background info.

    My dad bought his bird, Pee Wee (yes, I know...), about
    25 years ago--before my parents had any children. I'm not
    sure, but I'm pretty sure that Pee Wee was 10 when my dad
    bought her. Pee Wee received a fair amount of attention
    then, and growing up I don't remember Pee Wee causing much
    of a fuss. Occasionally my dad would bring her out.

    I am now 20 years old and a senior in college. For the
    longest time, no one brought Pee Wee out of her cage. Of
    course, her cage is always clean and she always has fresh
    food and water--but not the personal attention that all pets
    crave. My older brother recently taught me how to get her to
    step onto my finger by being assertive and not showing any
    fear. That usually works, and she usually doesn't bite me
    (although she did yesterday and drew blood).

    The biggest problem now is that she screams constantly
    for "people food". Pee Wee has my dad trained through
    negative reinforcement: "I scream, and you give me a
    peanutbutter cracker to make me stop". It has gotten so bad
    that I can't even be drinking coffee in the room without Pee
    Wee creating a fuss. Of course I am annoyed, but I am even
    more heartbroken because I know that she must be a very
    unhappy animal.

    I do not have a whole lot of time right now because I am
    starting my senior year in college. I also have several dogs
    to take care of, thanks to my mom (*sigh*..another long
    story). I hate to see unhappy pets, because I realize that
    their happiness (and health) is the responsibility of the
    owner. Please give me tips for improving Pee Wee's life. I
    really want to show her that I'm here to help...and ideally
    create a bond of trust.

    Thank-you so much for reading and caring!

    Take care,


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