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Re: An oldish Amazon in a bad way (relatively long)

Posted by Mumbles on 9/04/07
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    It's wonderful that you have taken on the responsibility of
    giving Pee Wee a caring home.

    I have a 49 years old Amazon I rescued 4 years ago. I am
    lucky that he is a very sweet cuddly bunny. He is handicap
    though so does take some special care.

    First, do not give in to the screaming anymore. Only give a
    treat when and only when she is quite. Our 3 amazons have
    learned that the only time they get people food is dinnertime.
    They each get a bowl of what even we are having for dinner.
    They do get treats but never when screaming. Same thing
    applies to being picked up, if the are yelling Ma, ma, I don't
    come until they quit yelling, then I go give loving or at
    least acknowledge them if I am busy.

    Good luck!