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Re: An oldish Amazon in a bad way (relatively long)

Posted by Mj on 9/29/07
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    Also I too have a an Amazon, mine is a RED LORE AMAZON. She is
    18y.o. My first Amazon. And I would have to say I dont have an
    answer right now (its late) But feel free to go to

    They have many Amazon people there with LOADS of experience. I
    am more of a cockatoo person and finch/budie person, and i am
    still learning a lot about Pua my RLA.

    Also I know you said she was boughten over 25 years ago. I am
    assuming she eats seeds only? And is in a Small cage?

    Make sure she is NOT eating all seeds, and limit her seed
    amount. Instad feed FRESH GREENS AND VEGGIES with fresh soaked
    beans, and cooked pasta and unthawed frozen veggies, and
    several nuts a day. Most Birds in Captivity suffer form
    Nutritional problems. Mainly Vitamin A Defiency.

    Cage size should be no smaller than;

    3ft long, 2ft wide and 3ft tall. Bigger is MUCH more prefered
    and make sure she isnt bored. Birds are HIGHLY INTELLIGENT
    animals, and needs LOTS of stimulation. In the wild they are
    ALWAYS active. So make sure she has plenty of toys and out of
    cage time. And make sure you rotate toys around with newer
    ones an dmoving them around inside the cage :)

    I thank you so very much for giving her a good home :)