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Re: What is best cage and size for Amazon Parrot?

Posted by Glenda on 8/31/07
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    On 8/31/07, Tammy wrote:
    > I will be receiving my new Amazon Parrot baby in about a
    > month and a half.
    > I wonder which would be the best size AND brand of cage -
    > HQ, Kings, or other?
    > In regards to size I have been looking at 2 Kings Cages:
    > The first one has legs and the cage part starts about 2
    > feet above the floor - 36" x 24" x 74" high (inside height
    > 46") 5/8" bar spacing, 4mm thickness
    > ** OR **
    > The second one has really short legs and the cage part
    > starts just a few inches above the floor - 38" x 26" x 72"
    > high (inside height 59") 1" bar spacing, 6mm thickness.
    > I would appreciate any help in the selection. THANK YOU!

    If there isn't much difference in the price and you have
    room for the larger cage then get the larger one. Your
    Amazon will thank you.