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Re: Three times in Four days convulsive behavior

Posted by Tammy on 9/04/07
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    Also you may want to feel her lower belly for an egg. One of our
    macaws who was supposed to be a boy (lol) started straining to
    potty and acting off, felt her belly and there was an egg, she
    ended up at the vets to have the egg drained and removed as it
    was too large for her to lay.

    Straining to poop and lifting legs and things are NOT normal
    adult behaviors from any bird. Please go to a vet, not a "bird
    specialist", whatever that is.


    On 9/04/07, Aunt Bea wrote:
    > On 9/04/07, BABy wrote:
    >> We have ben toldfby aparrot specialist that thisisthe
    >> behavoiurof a almostadult bird- she is inheat!It is still
    >> alittle scary asit seemstoscare her and also casues some
    >> sortof slight parlaysis- allthe samewe arehappyto jknowe
    >> thisisnatural- anyoneelse ever seen this??????
    > OK then, now have that bird checked for papaloma virus. The
    > symthoms you describe can also be associated with this virus.