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Re: convulsive behavior -Easiler to Read Now

Posted by Mumbles on 9/04/07
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    On 9/03/07, Baby wrote:
    > Ok here is the deal- We have had a healthy blue front for a
    > few months now-she is 10 years old. After eating a
    > couple of times a few days now-it has starting lifting on
    > one leg and pushing as if it had constipation with a very
    > repetitive- sound like dry heaves coming from it- it went
    > away and it seemed fine the three times- then this morning
    > when we got up the first thing it did when it got out of it's
    > cage was the same- only less -each time this goes on for
    > almost a minute- ------------------whatttttttttttt can we
    > expect?