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Re: convulsive behavior

Posted by karen on 9/05/07
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    On 9/04/07, Mumbles wrote:
    > On 9/03/07, Baby wrote:
    >> Ok here is the deal- We have had a healthy blue front for a
    >> few months now-she is 10 years old. After eating a
    >> couple of times a few days now-it has starting lifting on
    >> one leg and pushing as if it had constipation with a very
    >> repetitive- sound like dry heaves coming from it- it went
    >> away and it seemed fine the three times- then this morning
    >> when we got up the first thing it did when it got out of
    >> cage was the same- only less -each time this goes on for
    >> almost a minute- ------------------whatttttttttttt can we
    >> expect?

    When our male OWA does his “happy dance” hormonal show he is
    making odd sounds like an old perking coffee pot. He steps
    side to side lifting each foot out to the side for a second.
    All of his feathers are standing on end and his eyes pin, tail
    feathers flared -all vary dramatic!
    This can happen in the spring & fall at any time of day. It
    has nothing to do with meal time or poop time. This dance can
    go on for 2-3 min but he will stop if disturbed.
    If the Amazon feathers are tight to his body it is not a
    hormonal display but a medical issue.
    When an Amazon is giving a hormonal display the eyes pin and
    the feathers stand out.
    How does the bird act otherwise??
    Does he act sluggish?