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Re: Molting Seasons?

Posted by karen on 11/18/07
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    On 11/17/07, ctherose wrote:
    > Is there anybody out there who can advise us as to how
    > many molting seasons there are for an Orange Wing? And
    > when do they occur? Is it seasonal? Can they be
    > influenced by lighting, heating, etc? We've discussed this
    > with Chuckles, but he/she does not seem inclined to advise
    > us.
    > Thanks,
    > Craig, Momma and Chuckles Rose
    My OWA molts spring & fall.
    He will "replace" some feathers constantly.
    I give him 2 WET showers a wk. that helps.
    He has ended a molt of small feathers & has a few blood
    feathers in his wing & tail.