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Re: Amazon Aggresive Behavior

Posted by dolores on 10/01/08
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    On 12/10/07, Bird Mom wrote:
    > Birds are VERY posessive of their homes ( their cage ) &
    > will display aggression to anyone or anything they see as a
    > threat.
    > My advise to you ( esp. since this is an older bird & you
    > apparently don't have much experience/knowledge of birds in
    > general, as yet ) is to get on your computer & locate all of
    > the information that you can about this spacific type of
    > Amazon Parrot. There are books available ( look on
    > ) on caring for Amazon Parrots as well as dealing
    > with a re-homed bird. You will find that all birds have
    > different types of personalities & possibably problems, due
    > to being owned/bonded to a human who just up & disappeared
    > from their lifes. Birds don't understand the death/loss of
    > their owner. All they know is that they have been up-rooted
    > from their safe ( human ) home & moved to a new location &
    > now have strangers providing their food, water, etc.
    > So you really need to read, read & read some more & educate
    > yourself on how to take proper care of this bird, if you
    > on keeping him/her. Because parrots can live for a Very Long
    > time ( like 50 - 70 years! ) if taken proper care of. You
    > can't rely on any internet chatboard to give you all of the
    > information you are going to need to properly care for this
    > bird. And I speak from 1st hand knowledge, because I adopted
    > a 7 year old Green Cheek Amazon Parrot 5 years ago & had to
    > take a crash course ( I was in my late 40's at the time ) in
    > caring for a bird! I have since bought several books on bird
    > care & printed so much information off the internet that I
    > have a notebook full of information. And have tons of links
    > to bird related information saved in my favorites list. So I
    > know the stress & trials of taking on a grown/mature bird.
    > And believe me, it takes a whole lot longer than a few weeks
    > to bond with an Amazon Parrot! It can take months ( & even
    > years in the case of a bird who has been abused or moved
    > one home to another. )
    > There is a company in Florida called Avian Biotec ( do a
    > google search ) that does DNA sexing of birds from blood or
    > feathers. And by now they may also be doing it via a beck
    > swab ( I know they where working on that several years
    ago ).
    > There is no longer a need to put a bird thru that horriable
    > surgery to sex them & frankly if a vet told me that was the
    > only sure way to do it, I'd be finding another vet
    > posthaste! All of the information you need on that matter
    > can be found on their website.
    > And lastly be sure to locate at least one good Avian Vet in
    > your area. We have several vets where I live, but NONE of
    > them care for birds ( besides nail & beak trimming ). When
    > our bird fell ill 3 years ago I had to drive over 100 miles
    > one way, just to get to an Avian Vet. Which was a lot of fun
    > during the winter!
    > Hope this information helps to get you started on your way
    > to being a good parrot-parent!
    > Wishing you well with your new family member!
    > Bird Mom
    hi i notised you said you bought a new cage you also said
    you only had this bird a few weeks
    bring back the old cage the bird was in to many changes to
    fast upset every thing you leave new cage in same room for a
    few weeks but please put your new friend back in it only home
    it knows that alone will help you
    with birds you have to put your self in there spot that
    goes for any animal how would you feel if you lost your
    family , your home was yanked out from under you and strangers
    were poking fingers at you .
    do you see what im getting at , it will take a lot of time
    to bond but you will know when it comes sit beside the cage
    talk to it read to it do your homework talk while doing it
    what ever your doing join this poor lovely featherd friend in
    to it if its ok eat your meals with it offer it some of your
    food and never leave the bird with out music if not there .
    make sure this friend of yourd has plenty to play with wood
    to chew buy baby small toys rattles if you have a say value
    village second hand place that has toys go there buy safe
    baby toys ther by the bag its a pain washing them but have 2
    sets 1 in to play the other washing , it gives them a change
    hope all this helps but most of all you both have a life time
    to get there and when you do it is most rewording