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Re: Amazon Aggresive Behavior

Posted by rose on 12/16/07
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    On 12/10/07, Ken wrote:
    > We got an "Yellow Fronted" Amazon Parrot from a deceased
    > relative, and we believe the bird, Scooter, is about 20
    > years of age. We are unaware of the sex, and we dont want
    > to pay for a costly and painful surgery to find out what
    > sex it is. Anyway, I'm 16 years old, and I seem to have
    > bonded with the parrot so far. We've had Scooter for about
    > 2 weeks, and he still doesnt like to be touched. When I
    > went to put his newly changed food back, I was shocked, he
    > lunged and bit me without giving any warning, sunk his
    > beak into my knuckle and would not let go. I pulled, just
    > trying to get my hand free, staying calm because I know
    > that can freak out a bird, and got my knuckle back. I
    > washed it out and bandaged it, and put on this glove we
    > have. It's a chainmail glove that my dad brought from
    > work, Scooter can't bite through it. When I went to put
    > the food back this time, Scooter would growl, tense up,
    > pick up her foot, and lean on the other. The downside is
    > that the spot for his food is in the back of his cage,
    > leaving open my uncovered arm, full of nice veins he can
    > bite. I put the food on his door and called it quits for
    > now, I'll try later, I guess the purpose of this is,
    > should I take a different approach? This may help in the
    > future, because we just bought a new cage with play area
    > on top, so I want to know how should I go about "bonding"
    > with Scooter again and gain his trust back? Please post
    > hear or email me at, Thanks in advance