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Re: Amazon Aggresive Behavior

Posted by dolores on 9/30/08
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    On 12/10/07, Bird Mom wrote:
    > Birds are VERY posessive of their homes ( their cage ) &
    > will display aggression to anyone or anything they see as a
    > threat.
    > My advise to you ( esp. since this is an older bird & you
    > apparently don't have much experience/knowledge of birds in
    > general, as yet ) is to get on your computer & locate all of
    > the information that you can about this spacific type of
    > Amazon Parrot. There are books available ( look on
    > ) on caring for Amazon Parrots as well as dealing
    > with a re-homed bird. You will find that all birds have
    > different types of personalities & possibably problems, due
    > to being owned/bonded to a human who just up & disappeared
    > from their lifes. Birds don't understand the death/loss of
    > their owner. All they know is that they have been up-rooted
    > from their safe ( human ) home & moved to a new location &
    > now have strangers providing their food, water, etc.
    > So you really need to read, read & read some more & educate
    > yourself on how to take proper care of this bird, if you
    > on keeping him/her. Because parrots can live for a Very Long
    > time ( like 50 - 70 years! ) if taken proper care of. You
    > can't rely on any internet chatboard to give you all of the
    > information you are going to need to properly care for this
    > bird. And I speak from 1st hand knowledge, because I adopted
    > a 7 year old Green Cheek Amazon Parrot 5 years ago & had to
    > take a crash course ( I was in my late 40's at the time ) in
    > caring for a bird! I have since bought several books on bird
    > care & printed so much information off the internet that I
    > have a notebook full of information. And have tons of links
    > to bird related information saved in my favorites list. So I
    > know the stress & trials of taking on a grown/mature bird.
    > And believe me, it takes a whole lot longer than a few weeks
    > to bond with an Amazon Parrot! It can take months ( & even
    > years in the case of a bird who has been abused or moved
    > one home to another. )
    > There is a company in Florida called Avian Biotec ( do a
    > google search ) that does DNA sexing of birds from blood or
    > feathers. And by now they may also be doing it via a beck
    > swab ( I know they where working on that several years
    ago ).
    > There is no longer a need to put a bird thru that horriable
    > surgery to sex them & frankly if a vet told me that was the
    > only sure way to do it, I'd be finding another vet
    > posthaste! All of the information you need on that matter
    > can be found on their website.
    > And lastly be sure to locate at least one good Avian Vet in
    > your area. We have several vets where I live, but NONE of
    > them care for birds ( besides nail & beak trimming ). When
    > our bird fell ill 3 years ago I had to drive over 100 miles
    > one way, just to get to an Avian Vet. Which was a lot of fun
    > during the winter!
    > Hope this information helps to get you started on your way
    > to being a good parrot-parent!
    > Wishing you well with your new family member!
    > Bird Mom