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Re: How To Clean Bird Poop Of Fabric

Posted by karen on 1/15/08
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    On 1/14/08, Allen Foster wrote:
    > I have a 2 year old Quaker and I never got his wings
    > clipped. Therefore, he has some free reign of the house
    > to some degree and getting his wings clipped at this point
    > would be cruel. I need help getting Quaker poop off of my
    > lamp shades. I've tried Oxiclean but that didn't seem to
    > help. Any suggestions????
    I have a Shark home steamer
    It cleans like you have to see!
    & it kills hook worm eggs!
    It can also be used on grout & tub
    Be carefull not to let your bird near it when on!
    This Is HOT STEAM!! I take my guys in a different room when
    in use.
    -If the shades have a paper backing -OOPS- by, by shade
    for everyday clean up I just use dish soap & water
    I do not use bleach around the birds, vinegar is OK