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Re: Anyone want a 25 year old Yellow Naped Amazon?

Posted by Janet on 5/20/08
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    On 1/27/08, Nancy Sidley wrote:

    > Hi what is your asking price? Also how well trained is he
    > and could you send pictures.
    > Thank you

    Where you are located? I am a East Bay Area in California. I
    need to met the buyer and homes before I give our bird to a
    strange. She needs lots of love, lots and lots of patience, and
    regular attention that we can not do. I've been thinking at
    around $350 including her large cage.

    Sorry to all about just checking my responses. I just noticed
    today my alerts about my responses has been going to my junk
    mail and normally just delete the junk. I will try to answer all
    responses as quick as I can. Thank you.