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Post: Loving home wanting large bird in Missouri

Posted by Tabatha on 2/01/08

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    Thank you for looking at my posting.

    I'm a 21 year old female looking for a parrot as a pet. I
    won't breed, or resale. I just want a pet. I've been
    looking for the right parrot for years now.

    I have been dealing with animal training(mainly horses and
    dogs) and rescue since I was a very little girl. Animals
    are my life.

    I have owned cockatiels and parakeets, read many books on
    parrots, and have done a lot of research on them. I
    understand the kind of care they need. I'm willing to take
    on a bird with behavior problems such as bitting,
    screaming, and ones that don't like other birds, etc.... I
    have a lot of time, love, patience, and understanding to
    give a lucky parrot.

    I just can't afford to pay much for an adoption fee. I
    would like to save my money to take care of the bird once
    I get it. Plus, I have other animals and anyone with pets
    knows vet bills can cost a lot of money.

    I'm wanting to get a big parrot anything from Large
    Conures to Huge Cockatoos.

    So if you can't keep or just don't want your parrot any
    longer please let me know. I will give your bird a loving

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