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Re: 25-30 yr. old Yellow Naped in Maryland

Posted by Charlie on 2/12/08
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    On 2/12/08, newport news VA wrote:
    > Hi!I am an Amazon person,I probably will able to help you to
    > place your boy,just need more info on him.So drop me an
    > email,tell me about him,i all ready got your situation,so
    > keep the bird in mind!Thanks.Lena.
    >> Hi !
    >> I have a Yellow Naped that is about 25-30 yrs. old. He
    >> (?) was a very nice and gentle bird but has gotten
    >> aggressive lately, probably from lack of attention. Ilness
    >> in my family has forced me to have someone else look after
    >> him (?) for quite a while. I would like to find a good home
    >> for him but don't want to sell him to just anyone. I would
    >> prefer someone with experience with Parrots. I am in
    >> central Maryland, Westminster area. If you are interested,
    >> please shoot me an email. Thanks.
    >> Bunky