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Post: DYH female

Posted by David on 3/09/08

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    I just split up my pair of DYH's because I didn't think the
    female wanted to breed. On a normal day she is very hand
    shy, but the last couple of days she comes out of the cage
    and gets up on the bar of the playstand and turns to me and
    squats and starts twitching a little. At this point I can
    rub all over her. She will also put her foot in her mouth
    and bob it up and down until she regurgitates. Is she
    trying to breed me???? Do you think she would take to a
    mate that way or has she deemed me her mate? I would
    really like to just have her as a pet vs. breeder as I just
    don't think me and her make a cute couple :-) Will she get
    over this?


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