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Re: 25-30 year old yellow nape in MD

Posted by Janet on 5/20/08
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    On 4/18/08, Concerned in MD wrote:
    > Hi there. I just wanted to respond to your ad about one
    > of the posts I saw from Lena in Newport News. I hope you
    > didn't sell your bird to her. She is definitely a bird
    > broker. She may or may not work with your bird. Then she
    > will sell him to someone else at a very high price. It is
    > not my intention to start trouble. I just think that you
    > should be aware of all of the facts when rehoming your
    > feathered friend. And yes, I do have evidence to support
    > my allegation. It looks as if several other people who
    > appear to be genuine are interested in adopting your
    > parrot that may be a better choice. I hope this helps.
    > Good luck.

    That too far away. I am in California. Thank you very much for
    your concern. God bless ya. Janet Too bad you are in MD, also
    too far. I plan to met the new owner and their home before
    even thinking about the adoption fee. Thank you for your
    tips. Janet