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Re: Need help before I give my child up!

Posted by Pamela on 4/28/08
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    It sure sound like he is coming into breeding age and this is
    the time of year some amazons get very nasty.

    If I had given up on my female Double yellow head when she
    went through this stage 8-1/2 years ago we wouldn't of had the
    last wonderful 8-1/2 years together. I had only had her about
    a year when this happened.

    She started acting the same way yours is. She had never
    bitten or got excited at all, then almost over night she
    turned into the parrot from hell. I also thought maybe she
    would be happier as a breeder, but I didn't give up. I would
    just talk to her and hold her only when she wanted to be held.
    I got her wings clipped (that made a big difference). I
    would let her sit on her play cart next to me while I watched
    TV or was on the computer. Anything to keep interacting with
    her but also keeping my distance when needed.

    I cried myself to sleep any nights wondering if I would get my
    sweet girl back or if she was better off as a breeder.

    After this first year of spring hell with her she has been
    wonderful since. It was a very rough several months but it
    was all worth it. I have several scars from the memory but it
    is that a memory.

    Keep talking to him and letting him know you love him and
    interacting when you can. I understand your being afraid
    those bites hurt like the dickens.

    Hope this littles story helps you see there is a light at the
    end of the tunnels but there might be a few bumps along the way.

    We have 3 Amazons and all are in the "hot 3" Male Yellow Nape
    (bite me in the side of the neck, had a very large knot for 3
    weeks) our female DYH, and our male DYH who is my angel. He
    is at least 50 now and a big cuddly teddy bear. We have had
    him for 5 years now and he has never even tried to bite once
    only wants to cuddle all the time.

    Good luck and don't give up