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Post: Yellow Napes New Feathers Coming in Strange

Posted by Pamela on 5/11/08

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    Our Yellow Nape will be 20 years old this month. For the
    last several weeks he has lost feathers right where is neck
    meets his shoulders in a spot about the size of a golf ball.
    We know he is not plucking. He has all the little down
    feathers but the regular feathers are coming in few and far
    between. We took him to our Avian vet and she said he is
    fine. She has been our Avian vet for at least 8 years so
    she know our birds. Just for some reason his new feathers
    are coming in with the quill being very thick and to keep
    helping him preen to break them easier.
    Anyone else ever have this happen?

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