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Post: Blue Fronted Amazon Male. I need advise from an expert!

Posted by Debbie on 6/30/08

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    I have a Blue Front male that was previously a breeder that
    I "rescued" from someone who was not taking care of him
    properly. I was told that his mate had died and the guy I
    got him from had purchased him in hopes of finding a mate
    and breeding them, but never happened. Anyway, I've had
    him about 10 years now. He's now a gorgeous, healthy,
    loud, parrot but even though he trusts me to some extent
    he will not bond to me. Instead he keeps bonding to one
    of my other birds. All of my birds are pets only. This
    Amazon is estimated to be between 25-30 yrs old. I don't
    think he will ever really be happy again unless he has a
    mate but, I cannot bring any more birds into my home due
    to my husband's current allergy problems. It scares me to
    give him to a breeder because he'll be locked in a cage
    the rest of his life and he's always been out alot in the
    10 yrs I've had him. But, would he be happier locked up
    if he had a mate??? I've also read that when an Amazon
    like this looses his mate that he won't bond again to a
    bird of the same/similar species. Each of my other pet
    birds that he's bonded to were a sun conure, then a red
    lory. He shows no interest whatsoever in my yellow nape
    female. It's become too overwhelming for me to keep so
    many birds because of my husband's medical issues so I'm
    interested in finding another home for this Amazon but it
    breaks my heart to do so. In a perfect world I think it
    would be best to find someone who is very experienced with
    the male amazons but who has no other birds. I really
    think this bird would eventually bond to someone if there
    are no other birds in the household to get his attention.
    Is anyone interested or can someone who knows alot about
    Amazons give me advise on what the best thing to do is??
    I live in the West Suburbs of Chicago.

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