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Re: Cheap Yellow Naped or Alternative?

Posted by Karen Gutierrez on 8/21/08
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    Perhaps try to find a "black market" vendor; or get in touch
    with a vendor in Nicaragua and make your inquiries. :)
    If you find a good deal, let ME know. I'd love to raise one

    Karen G

    On 7/04/08, Daly Gutierrez wrote:
    > I grew up with several Yellow Naped Amazons in my native
    > country, Nicaragua, before coming to the U.S. Recently, I
    > became interested in buying one for the family (my children
    > don't know what they're missing). I was amazed to see the
    > prices for them... certainly out of my price range!!
    > My budget is $350. I know I'll be laughed at, but I'll ask
    > anyway. Can anyone recommend a breeder or vendor selling
    > any for around this price? OR....
    > Can anyone recommend an alternate species, with at least
    > some talking ability?
    > I would appreciate your response.
    > P.S. My mother is planning a trip to Nicaragua in a few
    > months. Does anyone know if it is legal to import one and
    > what I can expect to pay for import tax?

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