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Re: Yellow Nape Amazon

Posted by Betty on 12/08/08
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    On 11/24/08, Thomas T. wrote:
    > On 7/21/08, Mike wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> I have a baby Yellow Nape Amazon. I am trying to wean him
    >> to pellets, but he wont eat them. he will eat green apples
    >> and nothing else. He is about 13 weeks old. he is still on
    >> 2 feeding a day. Is this normal? any advise is greatly
    >> appreciated!!!!!!
    > Hi Mike
    > I am a breeder of parrots and I breed 4 different kinds of
    > Amazons . DYH YN BF and RL . Weaning isnt always that simple
    > with amazons . You are still in early stages of weaning . The
    > best thing to do right now is to give him/her soft solid foods
    > . You can wet down the pellets with warm water .
    > Alot of people thing that just feeding a pellet diet is enough
    > for a parrot . I have read over and over again that no parrot
    > should be on just a pellet diet . Most parrot cages you see
    > for sale these days have 3 or 4 feed dishes . You should keep
    > pellets in the cage at all times but make sure you have a dish
    > with fresh foods daily , and a small amount of parrot seed .
    > Good luck dont feel you need to rush the weaning . The bird
    > will eat when its ready

    You might want to try Feeding Feathers yahoo group and get this
    bird eating the way all birds should eat. It's a great group
    with great nutritious ideas about how to feed parrots. They
    should be eating fresh foods, grains, sprouts, veggies/fruits.
    Since you have a baby you can can him to eat right from the
    beginning. Pellets are just not good enough. I know it's the
    easy way, but not good.