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Re: Greys & Amazons

Posted by Pamela on 9/08/08
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    Many people keep different species of parrots in the same cage.
    There is no way to know if they would get along though. You
    need to take it slow and easy introducing them to each other.

    Our Yellow Nape (male) and Double Yellow Head (female) use to
    have their cages side by side. Sometimes they would sit next to
    each other in one cage or the other. When the Nape wanted
    attention he would do something to scare the DYH ( which doesn't
    take much) so we would come running. He never tried to hurt her
    but it doesn't take much to scare her either. That is why her
    nickname is "Poopsee", because if you scare her she will Poop See.

    We finally went ahead and separated their cages after the Nape
    sneezed, the DYH was asleep and it scared her. She flew off the
    cage and somehow manages to cut her toe. Rush to vet followed,
    it wasn't a bad cut. She did look really cute with a bright
    yellow vet wrap on her toe. The vet use yellow to match her
    head. She never messed with it either.

    Now their cages are about 3 feet apart. The DYH still scares
    easy just like her mom (me). They get along but we just don't
    keep their cages together any longer.