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Re: question on buying an Amazon

Posted by The Petman on 11/27/08
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    On 11/24/08, Thomas T. wrote:
    > On 9/09/08, Stacy wrote:
    >> If I am buying an Amazon from a person, do they have to come
    >> with papers to be legal to have in the US? It is tagged on
    >> the foot, born in US, but no paperwork.
    > When a parrot of any species is crossing over state lines in
    > most cases if not all the Department of Agriculture requires
    > health certificate . If the parrot is already in the state
    > live in this is not needed . I have been breeding parrots for
    > 20 years now , and I breed Amazons . The open leg band on
    > mature parrots can be tricky . Some breeder that buy parrots
    > that are not banded will put an open band on the leg for
    > the bird for a DNA test . I have never heard of a leg band
    > saying born in the US , has any one else ?? In most cases
    > like the others said an open band does mean a very mature
    > imported parrot . Most closed bands will have the breeders
    > initails , and the abreviation for the state they are from ,
    > and an ID number . Sometimes they year will also be on the
    > band . If you feel any concern that the bird is at risk of
    > being sick ask the owner to get a health certificate from a
    > avain vet . If they are not willing them search until you
    > find one with a health certiricate .

    Even "Born in the USA" bands once turned over will reveal
    their true origin, "Born in Taiwan".