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Re: Best diet for a Green Cheecked Amazon??

Posted by Jeff on 1/18/09
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    On 10/09/08, Birdman88 wrote:
    > I would like to know what the best diet possible is. Should
    > I begin to implement a pellet diet with sides of fresh
    > veggies and fruits with a seeds as low part of the diet or
    > is there other options? My bird has been on a seed diet for
    > a few years, but he gets plenty of non seed goods daily.
    > Also what are some good avian vitamin supplements? And are
    > they necessary?

    I have 10 birds of that species. My oldest is 23 years old.
    They get Zupreem and fruits and veggies in the morning. In
    the evenings they get a cooked bean mixture three times a
    week, corn on the cob no more than twice a week and on
    occasion they get cooked egg. They also get a seed mixture
    but no more than twice a week.