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Post: Heart broken

Posted by Miss My Amazon on 3/01/09

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    I just want to say that my very first, large bird I ever
    had was a Yellow Nape , (we think possibly a she) I got
    her at 3 months old and she was so sweet and cuddly .She
    never bit or had any viscious tendancys.She filled our
    home and our hearts with love ,noise and funny sayings
    and lots of amusement. Saddly she passed away last
    wensday and my family and I are devastated .we had her in
    our lives for 8 wonderful years and now that she isent
    with us anymore the silence is deafening.I hope to get
    another bird someday but I doubt we will ever find another
    Buttons .Amazons definetly have affected my life in a huge

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