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Re: YN amazon

Posted by karen on 3/12/09
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    On 3/11/09, olivia wrote:
    > Hi, i just bought a yn amazon not to long ago, the guy i
    > bought it off of said he was missing a couple of feathers
    > cause of his diet, well it seems to me that she is
    > and now she is bleeding were she is plucking. What does
    > this mean... Is she mutalating her self? How do i get her
    > to stop?
    Get to a good av. vet ASAP
    Where is she bleeding?
    Is it a broken blood feather?
    Birds bleed to death as there blood does not clot like ours
    Pack flour or corn starch around a broken blood feather if
    you do not know how to pull it properly
    Stress & flapping around will cause her to bleed more, so
    stay calm. You can do a search on how to pull a blood
    feather. But, if you do not know what you are doing you
    could kill her.
    Or did she fall & split her chest?