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Re: yellow nape feather plucking

Posted by Terri on 5/01/09
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    On 3/18/09, Susan wrote:
    > I have a yellow nape that has plucked for the last 2 years.
    > Is a years old and was fine until he or she was about 6,
    > Now pulls out all feathers even tail feathers. There were
    > no changes in his life. Any suggestions or ideas why?

    My amazon plucks every year - starts in September and
    continues till April One year she was pink - just skin,
    most years her chest is gray down. She is just starting to
    get her feathers back. Soon she will be beautiful.

    Spoke to a rescue group. Told them what the vets said, I
    said I felt like it was a breading thing....She agreed, she
    said the amazon has a pouch and the females will pluck to
    expose the pouch so they can incubate an egg. she asked if
    Kiwi ever laid an egg. (NO) I said this seems like a very
    long breeding season and she agreed again, she said the
    amazon has a very long breeding season.

    Hope this helps.