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Re: Determine Age

Posted by GreyLady on 4/19/09
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    I also don't know what "papered" might mean. Unless it's just
    a bill of sale made up for you, or similar papers that were
    given to the person who purchased him from the breeder
    originally. In the parrot world, there is no such thing as
    registering, like with AKC, or CFA for cats, and so forth. If
    he truly was a breeder for that many years, then you are
    probably right. He has never seen toys. He also has probably
    not had much interaction with humans. Parrots are breeders or
    they are pets and rarely are they both. Successful breeding
    means two bonded parrots, left pretty much alone as far as
    human interaction goes. It allows them to concentrate on their
    mate and breeding. Another problem may be, where is his mate?
    Parrots bond very tightly with their mates, especially when
    they have raised young together. If this breeder decided to
    get rid of the pair, and split them up to do so, he is grieving
    for her. It could take him a very long time to get over it, if
    ever. If I were you, I'd be trying to dig out all the
    information I could possibly get from the previous owners,
    including what breeder he came from and try to get history from
    them as well. Especially what happened to his mate. In the
    meantime, just be gentle and patient with him, realize that he
    is grieving the loss of what may have been his bonded mate all
    these years. Let him observe how your Conure plays and for
    sure, let him observe your hands on interactions with the other
    bird. It may help him realize he can trust you and you may be
    able to build on that. I really think this whole process will
    take longer rather than shorter. Good luck.